Lamin Camara


My name is Lamin Camara. I was born and raised in Lamen town (home of many Senior Bird Guides).

I became interested in birds from a young age. My Mother worked in the rice fields. On my way back from school I took her lunch. 

I often watched the  birds in the fields and their behaviours made me think that they were making  games for me.

A Kingfisher hovering and then diving into the water for a fish.

The Black Heron feeding and making his 'umbrella' shape for me.

It was so beautiful to me, so every day after school, I wanted to go to the rice fields to enjoy the birds.

As I became older, it was a privilege for me to train for four years to become a Bird Watching Guide, at The Department of Parks and Wildlife of Gambia in Abuko Nature Reserve.

For my final qualification training, I was attached to three Senior Bird Guides; Solomon Jallow, Malick Suso and Sering Bojang.

After seven years of fieldwork and training, (to include Customer Relations), I successfully achieved all of the requirements set by Gambia Bird Guide association.(The Governing Body for Gambia Birds).

Since that time I have been working for a period of twelve years, gaining further experience within my field.

I also have the responsibility of training three apprentice Bird Guides.

I have worked alongside many recognised Birders and Wildlife experts, including Chris Packham.


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