I can organise and arrange tailor-made tours in The gambia and in Senegal


I can organise a personalised itinerary to suit your holiday plans


Bookings can be made for several hours, half days, full days or up to seven days or more depending on your requirements

I am also happy to guide you around areas close to the hotels

I have my own transport with I use for excursions.

I can provide an efficient service to include any or all of the following;

Airport transfers

Boat trips

Tickets for recommended wildlife Parks


Food arrangements

Inland accommodation

Full Guiding Service

We deliver the highest standards and your happiness is our main concern.


Recommended places to visit for Birders, Photographers and Nature Lovers

Abuko Nature Reserve

Brufut Woods

Kotu Creek

Pirang Forest

Penyem Wood

Tanji Bird Reserve


Tujaring Wood

Farasu Forest

Bonto Forest

Marakissa Wood




Senegal-Fathala Game Park and Niokolokoba



1- NIOKOLOBA NATIONAL PARK, Located in south east Senegal, covering an area almost the size of the Gambia, with 900 square kilometres.

Different mammals and over 350 species of birds can be found with in park such as Egyptian plover, Lesser striped swallow, Mocking Cliff Chat, Pearl Fishing Owl, Secretary Birds, Swallow Tailed Kite etc. Mammals include Duiker, Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Leopard etc.

2- FATHALA GAME RESERVE: Day trip to senegal, leave your hotel 6:30am drive to Banjul, the capital city of the Gambia, cross by Ferry to Barra first town of north back and to the border town called Amdalie where your passport will be stamped and proceed to the Senegalese border town called karang to stamp your passport again which will allow you to enter into Senegal. We will drive half an hour that will take us to the 2000 hectare reserve where you will have the opportunities to see some of the animals like Antelopa, western Giant Eland, Buffalos, Giraffes, Rhinos, and walking with Lion ( cost payment).

3:- DELTA DU SALOUN: This is one of the most beautiful regions of senegal , situated approximately 200km south of Dakar, which consist of a maze of islands, lagoons, mangrover, forest and salt water creeks. It encompasses the saloum Delta National park, which was created in 1976 and is Senegal's second largest variety of birds, such as flamingo, pelicans, herons, gulls, terns, egrets, 36 mammal species, such as warthogs, hyenas, monkey, baboon, manatees and dolphins etc

4- DJOUDJ BIRD RESERVE: The reserve is located in the North West senegal, the area covers 160 sq km. it is a well popular destination for bird watching and other wildlife species.